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“I changed my life when I changed my health.
Let me help you do the same.”


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Bellwoods Clinic Hours Tuesdays - Thursdays, 9:30am-6:30pm

Rouge Valley Hospital Hours Wednesdays, 8:30am-3pm,

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We offer direct billing for most insurance companies

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Lab Tests Offered

Email us using our Contact Us link, to book a introductory consult with Dr. Alton to learn what lab tests may be best for you.

About Dr. Kaylee and Bellwoods Wellness

Work with Dr. Kaylee out of the beauty and privacy of a home-based clinic with the opportunity to provide direct billing to your insurance company on your behalf.  Backing onto Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto's Westend, Bellwoods Wellness was founded by Dr. Kaylee, ND, with a specific focus on offering patients collaborative care with different specialists, doctors and therapists in Toronto.  Learn more about Dr. Kaylee here.

Naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP but consultations are covered by benefit plans. Lab testing and supplements cost extra and may be covered by your benefit plan or HSA (health spending account), please check with your provider. See if your benefit plan is eligible for direct billing by asking your insurance company these 4 questions, found on our direct billing page.

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Located just off Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto's Westend, the Bellwoods Wellness and Medical Clinic is a naturopathic clinic run by Dr. Kaylee Alton, ND. 

Free street parking is available. Please mind the street parking signs outside the house as some spots are restricted from 9am-5pm. Please be mindful that Crawford St. is a one-way street heading North. 


Our Office

237 Crawford Street
Toronto, ON, M6J 2V5

Administrative Office Hours: Monday - Friday


Call: 647- 484 - 4923


For patients of Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital and the hospital’s HBOT Clinic, learn more by visiting our Google Webpage Here. Dr. Alton spear-heads this hospital team and information on this webpage is applicable to learn more about Dr. Alton and naturopathic medicine, and our Google Webpage can help you learn more about services offered in our hospital-based naturopathic medical clinic.



Supporting patients and their Caregivers, for stroke Recovery, TBI, Post-Concussion Syndrome, and chronic Pain

Dr. Alton works alongside anesthesiologists, neurologists and physiatrists, to provide patients who have survived a stroke, traumatic brain injury, concussion or who are undergoing chronic pain management, who may need caregiver assistance for limited independence in driving, mobility, speech and cognitive processing, comprehensive care.

Dr. Alton practices using a biomedical approach that includes nutritional and functional medical assessments from physical exam, intakes, urine, stool and blood lab samples. The program provides dietary and lifestyle changes and uses supplements that support the body’s biochemistry and do not interfere with the patients current medications. The program also provides weekly or monthly support calls to ensure follow-through on the lifestyle and behavioural changes needed. Caregivers are also welcome to join the program to receive much needed medical support to manage stress, energy, sleep, and the overwhelm of being a caregiver for a dependent again.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the adjunctive therapies that may be recommended to support treatment. Patients who have been prescribed hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and assessed as eligible by our anesthesiologists, have set up go-fund-me accounts from family and friends, or applied their HSA (health spending account) towards the total cost.


Caregiver Program:

Have you been caring for a loved one or dependent, putting their health needs first to get through a trying time, and as a result you are feeling low in energy, mood, your sleep has been affected or you’re starting to exhibit other symptoms?

Meet with Dr. Alton to discuss how you can correct nutrient and hormone deficiencies, to recover from burnout or prevent burnout from happening, while you continue to care for your loved one.

Fill out the form above and call the clinic to book. No referral needed.


Neuro-Integrity Brain Program

  • 4 -6 Sessions with the doctor

  • 6 sessions with the health coach

  • Biomedical Assessment and Functional Tests: Testing and Test Kits compromising: SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology, urine organic acids testing, serum IgG food sensitivity testing, and basic blood chemistry testing for anemia, inflammatory markers and nutritional deficiencies

  • Pre & Post Biometric Measurements (body composition, BP)

  • Physiatry assessment before, during, after and a month post, the program

  • Weekly or Monthly support calls with our nutrition staff to support follow-through on lifestyle, behavioural and nutritional changes

  • Specific Effective Supplements from trusted & reliable professional brands

  • Custom Supplement Powder and/or Liquid Formulations making it easier to digest and take your supplements daily.

  • Key Nutrition Guidelines & Meal Plans

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Add On, Cost Is Extra and Varies on #of sessions

  • Further visits may be needed