“I changed my life when I changed my health, and woke up feeling amazing, refreshed and confident each day. Let me help you do the same.”

- Dr. Kaylee Alton



About Dr. Kaylee

Dr. Alton is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada's leading institution for naturopathic medicine and is a licensed naturopathic doctor registered with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Ontario.

She graduated from the University of Toronto with honours in Physical Health & Education and went on to complete 2 years as a research assistant in neuroscience for stem cell development for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Before she could accept her full scholarship for a PhD in regenerative medicine at the University of Bologna, Italy, she was introduced to naturopathic medicine and was hooked by the philosophy that naturopathic medicine promotes, “getting your body to work for you”. She then completed her degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and has completed internships all over the world, in Germany, Haiti, Italy and different clinics within South-Eastern Ontario, including Women’s College Hospital. Dr. Kaylee has trained more intensely in digestive disorders, as well as the gut-brain connection. She has also taken a position at the Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital, in a private-pay, outpatient clinic, treating post-stroke recovery, concussions and traumatic brain injury, as well as senior care and chronic pain. Dr. Kaylee is intentional about building the field of naturopathic medicine with a focus on collaborative care with physicians and specialists, sharing charts and patient care, that includes naturopathic approaches. She believes everyone should have a family doctor and a naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Alton provides a thorough workup to understand what your unique biochemistry, hormone and nutrient needs are. She practices using a biomedical model, where patients are assessed and assigned appropriate labwork and supplements of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioidentical hormones, herbal medicine, injections and clinical nutrition, according to their biochemistry deficiencies. Her focus is on hormone irregularities, IBS, digestive disease, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, brain injury, burnout, liver disease and chronic pain management.

Dr. Alton’s goal is to give patients medical tools that are sustainable and don’t cause particular nutrient deficiencies or side effects. Her treatment plans always consider moving her patients towards long-term optimal health. Her principles are:

  1. Educate. When we know what or why something is happening, or how it is affected by our lifestyle choices, we are more motivated to stick to the hard-work of making new health habits.

  2. Apply the most effective treatment possible, with the least amount of side effects, while considering cost.

  3. Promote prevention. 

As long term stress often wrecks havoc on our bodies, she works to help patients manage stress while performing at a high level or to help them recover from burnout. 

Dr. Kaylee Alton is committed to helping patients connect to their bodies and improve their health.  She’s created a separate healthcare platform, www.makecare.co, to help patients and those curious and proactive about their health, get easier access to health teaching. She's worked with hundreds of patients with complex & chronic disease, pain & fatigue, to help them come off their medication or reduce their medication use, as well as, improve their overall quality of life and power over their bodies.


There is a sense in which no doctor ever heals. The doctors themselves would be the first to admit this. The magic is not in the medicine but in the patient’s body—in the vis medicatrix naturæ, the recuperative or self-corrective energy of Nature. What the treatment does is to stimulate Natural functions or to remove what hinders them. We speak for convenience of the doctor, or the dressing, healing a cut. But in another sense every cut heals itself: no cut can be healed in a corpse.


C.S. Lewis