About Dr. Kaylee and Bellwoods Wellness

Dr. Alton has 2 options available for patients wishing to work with her towards health and wellness. Work with Dr. Kaylee out of the beauty and privacy of a home-based clinic with the opportunity to provide direct billing to your insurance company on your behalf. Or, work with Dr. Alton and her multi-disciplinary team to provide brain healing and recovery of movement, fine motor skills, speech, swallowing and balance, to patients who have survived a stroke and are motivated to get back to work or activities of daily living.

The home-based practice operates near Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto's Westend, Bellwoods Wellness was founded by Dr. Kaylee, ND, with a specific focus on offering patients collaborative care with different specialists, doctors and therapists in Toronto.  Learn more about Dr. Kaylee here.

The stroke recovery treatment program operates out of Rouge Valley Hospital in the East end of Scarborough. Details of that clinic can be found on the google page here.

Naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP but consultations are covered by benefit plans. Lab testing and supplements cost extra and may be covered by your benefit plan or HSA (health spending account), please check with your provider. See if your benefit plan is eligible for direct billing by asking your insurance company these 4 questions, found on our direct billing page.