What to Expect & Pricing

All naturopathic consults are charged for at the time of the visit. Programs will detail how many visits are typically recommended, so you can budget accordingly. Naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP but consultations are covered by benefit plans. Lab testing and supplements cost extra and may be covered by your HSA (health spending account). See if your benefit plan is eligible for direct billing below*



Not sure if naturopathic medicine is right for you?

Want to learn Dr. Kaylee's workup on your case and recommendations? Get a head start on your health using Dr. Kaylee as your medical investigator and health mentor. Your first visit can be in-person, or online. Once you're a patient, you are eligible for phone and email consultations, text support, and able to participate in our patient education program. 

Direct billing is available for most insurance companies listed below*


Patients typically require 4 Visit with the Naturopathic Doctor, which include:

  • A thorough review of your medical history

  • A review of your current diet and nutritional supplements and medication.

  • A detailed body systems assessment (sleep, energy, digestion, immune function, cardiovascular health, neuroscience health including mood, anxiety, concentration, focus and behaviour, allergies, movement & exercise, home environment, work environment).

  • Recommended lab tests, both general blood labs, as well as nutritional, hormone, digestive and immune functional medicine kits. *now working with physicians to offer you collaborative access to lab work and prescriptions

  • A review of your laboratory test results, and any records you authorize to be sent over from your family physician or specialist.

  • A treatment plan including diet, supplements and lifestyle therapies.

  • Support for weaning off medication if indicated, and in collaboration with your prescribing physician

** Now offering Health Coaching Support for making dietary and lifestyle changes, nutrition counselling, recipes and meal-plans, with one of our health coaches trained by Dr. Alton to better assist you in success with your health-care goals


Concussion, Stroke, Lyme and Auto-Immunity Fee Schedule:

Initial Consultation, 75min, $245

Second Consultation, 60min, $205

Follow-Up Consultation, 30min, $105

Follow-up Phone-Consult, 15-20 min, $80

Naturopathic Fee Schedule:


Second consultation, 60min, $180

Follow-Up Consults, 30min, $95

Follow-up phone Calls, 15-20min, $75

Pricing for the Toronto Stroke Recovery Program is discussed in your first meet & greet consultation.


Costs vary from $50-$2500, for details on lab testing offered, including functional medical tests, scroll down to the end of this page to read more.

Payment methods accepted: Mastercard, Visa, VISA-DEBIT, and direct billing. A 24-hour cancellation notice applies, or a $45 charge will apply.

Naturopathic Medicine Consults are covered by most benefit plans and HSA's. Lab tests and supplement costs are not (some HSA's will cover these costs).