3 Better Breakfasts

I get it. Breakfast can be tough.

When you’re starting to burn out or have been burnt out for a while your nutrition generally starts to suffer because it is one of the easiest things to let slip. You're already stressed, usually in a rush in the mornings, and you haven't been that active lately so you're not hungry when you wake up. I hear it all the time. You don't eat breakfast, or if you do, it's coffee and a donut - or worse - an inflammation wrecking hash brown. 

Breakfast is so important when you're in burnout. When you wake up tired or exhausted, your body will need fuel to get going. It will also need to be able to digest it well, with minimal metabolic power. Don't drain your energy further with the wrong breakfast.

Our society makes it easy to skip breakfast, or have a fast-food one. From grab & go breakfast sandwhiches, to just a cup of coffee, here are more breakfasts to avoid if you're constantly tired, wake up fatigued, and are feeling the weight of stress as burnout. 

  • Boxed cereal of almost any kind
  • Oatmeal, quick-oats or homemade
  • Breakfast sandwich at any fast food chain
  • A heavily loaded fruit smoothie

The reason these are so bad? 

They are all heavy in carbohydrates. Not that carbohydrates are bad, but, carbohydrates will lower your cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that manages stress. It's the reason people turn to carbs as "comfort food." The timing of your carbohydrates when you are burnt-out is important, OR, the paring of your carbohydrates with protein is even more important. 

Don't make your problem worse by lowering your already low level of cortisol. This causes your cortisol to drop even more which leads to less energy, less motivation, less “get up and go”. It also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar for the rest of the day.

Instead, try these protein dense, breakfasts to help kick-start your day.