Welcome to the Tribe

My goal is to help you live your healthiest self so you can live out your potential, climb that mountain, conquer that challenge, lead your tribe, and most importantly, positively influence others. I hope to do so by teaching you the importance of prevention, and educating you on what to do when you're ill and how your body works so you can be making educated lifestyle decisions. 

Taking care of yourself can be challenging. I firmly believe, as we are relational beings, we are wired to put others before ourselves, even if it seems like we are innately selfish. Thus, we get caregiver burnout, career giver burnout, people caught up in life's trauma's and operating out of survival mode, and finding it hard to take care of themselves. 

The best way to affect change is to do it together. 

You'll hear me say this over and over again. Get into community. Well, you're here now reading this, so join this community. Together we can encourage one another, keep each other accountable, and inspire each other to make lasting changes. 


Get really clear on your goals.
Know why you want to accomplish them. Studies show that having specific goals and keeping your motivating factors top of mind will help keep you on track. WRITE IT DOWN. I always ask people to write down what they see for themselves, where they are headed and where they hope to land. 

Don't do it alone.
Share your vision and goals with me, your friends, our group, and your family. Ask people for support. Get good at it now, because when life throws you traumatic events, it will be easier to learn on each other because you'll have already built up the know-how and trust. You may experience some resistance, not everyone is good at being a cheerleader, or dealing with messey situations. Consciously start to build a team, including other health care professionals, and people with capacity and wisdom.

Participate in your own care.
Only you know what it's like to live in your own body - for better or worse. And there are no studies, no evidence for treatment in a randomized, controlled, trial, for you. Speak up when something doesn't go as expected. Speak up if you don't know what to expect. A lot of health is trial and error, hopefully with the best wisdom from someone that inspires you or matches your needs in that season. I aim to be this person, but I know I can't be this person for everyone. So get involved in your therapeutic relationship to make it the best one it can be. 

Here's to your health!

Dr. Kaylee