If You're Feeling Sluggish and You "Haven't Felt Yourself In Years", It Could Be Your Thyroid

Do you not feel yourself? Have you been feeling fatigued, sluggish or dragging your feet to get through the day? 

Or perhaps you've noticed your hair falling out, thinning, your eyebrows thinning, or you have been unable to shake the extra few pounds around your abdomen and hips? 


It's probably not news to you that family doctors and naturopathic doctors, look at your bloodwork values differently. We appreciate that the family doctor system in Canada is free & available for us to use to rule out acute and dangerous health concerns, as well as to diagnose, and refer us to specialists. But what about daily, chronic symptoms that don't make us feel our best, but also don't fall into any category to warrant further treatment or support from the conventional system? 

I see this time and time again with ladies with the above symptoms, whose thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) comes back "normal" on a blood exam with their family doctor and they are discharged without any support. Thankfully, you have options.

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, I recommend paying for your lab tests with a naturopathic doctor, to run a 5-point thyroid panel, and maybe more tests, to help evaluate how your thyroid might be contributing to your symptoms. From there, a better decision can be made about what to do about them. This 5-point hormone panel includes 3 tests that help determine if you have an under functioning thyroid, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, and 2 important immune system markers, our thyroid antibodies.

What are Thyroid Antibodies? 

Anti-bodies are a part of our immune system, your body makes them to "tag" harmful bacteria, fungi, or viruses so your immune system "soldiers" can attack these harmful invaders and kill them off. These anti-bodies occur in any auto-immune disease, the difference being they are now AUTO-antibodies, and "tagging" your body's own tissue, to kill it off. This is the case with the thyroid gland (and the gut in IBD, the nerves in MS, your healthy tissue in general with Lupus or SLE), where your body produces anti-bodies, and tags your thyroid, and causes your immune system to attack it. We have 2 types that can be present in people with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. 

1. Thyroid Peroxidase Anti-bodies (TPOAb) 

2. Thyroglobulin Anti-Bodies (TgAb)

You can have hypothyroidism (an under functioning thyroid) without auto-immune function. You can also have hypothyroidism with an auto-immune function. In either case, it is good to see your naturopathic doctor and do the full thyroid panel of lab tests, to better determine what you are dealing with. 

There are other lab tests that may be warranted in your condition. Speak to your naturopathic doctor to support your day-to-day health. 


Dr. Kaylee