Favourite places in Toronto to get a good-for-you smoothie

Drink a smoothie daily, nature's multi-vitamin.

Patients who come into my clinic, time and time again, who eat a clean diet - that is: whole foods only, consistently have very little health issues, or if they do, have an exponentially faster time resolving them by making one or two supplement adjustments. This is in comparison to the majority of my patients who eat a balanced diet of whole foods and processed foods, given they are unaware or have never taken the time to adjust to making only whole foods a part of their day to day. 

Matcha Green Gut Healing Smoothie

A beautiful study outlining just how important whole foods are was done at Yale, where researchers set out to determine which diet is best, comparing low carb, low fat, low glycemic, Mediterranean, mixed/balanced (DASH), Paleolithic, vegan, and elements of other diets. They conclude that no diet is clearly best, but there are common elements across eating patterns that are proven to be beneficial to health.

"A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention." "They also found carbohydrate-selective diets to be better than categorically low-carbohydrate diets, in that incorporating whole grains is associated with lower risks for cancers and better control of body weight. Attention to glycemic load and index is "sensible at the least."

A link to the full article is shared on my Facebook page (and go ahead and follow me on Facebook for more resources like this). 

Why I recommend smoothies is its a tasty way to get a couple of servings of vegetables and fruit in each day, including the ever important fibre. 

If you had to compare what is better, fruit juices or smoothies, smoothies would win time and again. 

Pink Berry Banana Smoothie

Berry Boost for Nutrient Density

The best part about smoothies is berries are key ingredients! Of course they are super tasty on their own. But they can also create some wonderful blends !

Berries are rich in anti-oxidants (vitamin C, E, A), and minerals (manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium), and even omega-3s and some protein! They really are a super food and a great way to ensure your body has what it needs to keep you going. 
Need a quick fix or some inspiration when you are on the go in Toronto? Here are my favourite Toronto stops to grab a smoothie: 

Wilder Food - 382 Keele St. in the Junction - one of my absolute favourites. In fact, can someone please get me a gift card to this place?! 

The Goods - currently moving to 283 Roncesvalles - not only do they make a daily smoothie for you to get inspired by, they also make killer lunch box options. 

Want to make your own smoothies at home? Better yet, want to make your own smoothie bowls? 

Download my guide for my favourite smoothie recipes, including nutrition information like MACROs (protein, carb, fats, calories per serving). Any good smoothie bowl needs a good smoothie base, then add your favourite toppings! 

Nuts, hemp hearts, sesame seeds, berries on top of berries, granola! 

Enjoy all that love in one bowl. 

Dr. Kaylee